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Open Today and Tomorrow (Monday, December 21st and Tuesday, December 22nd)

Monday, December 21st, 2015
storefront_open_s We will be open today from 12-4 and tomorrow from 4-7 for last minute Christmas present purchases and for Pre-Ballet and Pre-Tap classes. parade_m

Winter Pre-Dance Session

Tuesday, December 1st, 2015

Registration for the Winter Pre-Dance Session starts today. You can view our Schedule online or download the Schedule and Guidelines as PDF’s. If you are a new student then you will also need to download and complete a Registration and Enrollment Contract. Early registrants can take advantage of a reduced registration fee of $15 if registered and paid in full by 12/19. Students who are currently enrolled are exempt from the registration fee.

Christmas Parade Maps

Tuesday, December 1st, 2015

Maps showing the line up and drop off points for the Warrenton, Manassas, and Baltimore Parades are available. For all of the parades keep in mind that the roads close early and you will have to park and walk to the Spotlight staging area.

  • Warrenton: There is not a designated drop off area for the Warrenton Parade (Spot #: 27) and you will not be able to drive down the parade route. We recommend parking near the end of the parade and walking back to the staging area. Congestion will be an issue given the Friday evening time. Allow plenty of time to get to downtown Warrenton. The parade route is short so walking to the staging area will not take long.
  • Manassas: The drop off area for the Manassas Parade is the Reb Yank Shopping Center near Nathan’s Ice Cream (Spot #:  25). There is a drop off loop setup that goes around the shopping center. You can follow this loop and complete the drop off just across the street from Battlefield Ford. They can continue up the street until the see us, which should be line of sight once they get past Battlefield Ford. Another point of reference is Little Ceasar’s Pizza, which is just beyond where we will be. Parking at the end of the parade is probably best as there are plenty of spots in the garage behind the train station and at the Courthouse.
  • Baltimore: We don’t have a map showing our exact location, but I know we will be either on Falls Rd. beside the Baltimore Polytechnic Institution or in their parking lot. Most likely we will be on Falls Rd. as the parade organizer usually lets us go early since we come from so far. The parade goes down Falls Rd. and then turns left onto West 36th St. continuing on to Chestnut Ave. where it ends. We will turn onto Chestnut Ave. and go down at least a block just beyond Hampden Elementary School. The school does not have sufficient parking and I do not believe you can park in their lot as is used by the floats and other parade vehicles. If you continue another block on Chestnut Ave. there is a large parking area on the right in what is an office or school complex (Chestnut and 37th St.). From there you can walk back to watch the parade. Parking in the neighborhood surrounding the parade’s end is very limited.

I would encourage everyone to watch the parade to the end so that you walk over the 34th St. to see the Miracle on 34th St. (Wikipedia) Christmas light display. It’s not to be missed as nearly every house on both sides of the street are lit up/decorated for Christmas.